Kim is an award-winning LA-based SAG-AFTRA actress.  She's originally a Philly chick who recently booked a series regular role on a new web show, has a feature coming out this year, and a few more she's writing/developing on her own.   
Kim is the co-host of "Kim and Ket Stay Alive... Maybe" - a horror movie comedy podcast - with a twist!
She produced and starred in an award-winning dramatic short film called "Painless" -  she was nominated for BEST ACTRESS at Burbank International Film Festival and Idylwilld International Festival of Cinema.  She's also produced a comedic web series and started a production co., The DeFilm Network.  She currently trains at John Markland Studio.
Strangers would say she’s a little meek – right up until she’s not.  Friends would say she’s a puppy - who trips over her own paws running towards a big blue lake.

What directors are saying:

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Kim Burns in our indie film, Small Things. Kim was one of the four female leads in our ensemble cast, and brought an impressive amount of charisma and professionalism to this production. Kim put a lot of hard work and thought into thoroughly developing her character and when coupled with her natural talent created a powerful performance. Kim brought many strengths to set including a positive attitude, a wonderful work ethic, and a diverse emotional range but what impressed me the most was her ability to take a comedic role and breathe life and depth into the character.

I am looking forward to working with Kim again in the near future, and believe she has the talent, ability, depth, professionalism, and tenacity to deliver a dynamic performance in a wide variety of roles."

~ Jaime Shea, Small Things

"Kim's performance in the short film "Painless" impressed me so much that I decided to cast her in my film "In Transit." She embodies her characters with real and raw emotion and depth. Her performance in my film has been praised by everyone who's seen it. " 

~ Julia Camara, In Transit